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Did You know?

Krista Allen has starred in 38 movies as of date. If that isn't impressive enough, Krista has also been on 54 TV shows!


Did You know?

Krista was invited as a special guest on 16 major TV shows.


Did You know?

Krista is one of the top 50 most searched actresses online. She has been on the "Trending" list more times than we could count.


Did you know?

Krista was either on the cover photo or the centerfold of 26 popular magazines.


News Stream
  • Krista Allen Starring in New Hallmark Movie

    Krista with Nadine Crocker having fun on set.

    Krista with Nadine Crocker having fun on set.

    Krista Allen, Nadine Crocker, and Caroline Keenan announced they just finished filming a Hallmark family movie called Rodeo & Juliet. Rumor has it we will be able to see Krista in a rodeo scene. The movie was filmed in Louisiana. There is no set release date yet.

  • Krista Allen’s Lead Role In Comedy Significant Mother

    CW_SignificantMotherCast01-1024x461August 2015 on the CW Network we will be able to watch Krista Allen as the adorable and funny leading lady in Significant Mother. Krista plays Lydia a mom who recently separated from her partner. Her son Nate, played by Josh Zuckerman world is turned upside down when he finds out his mother is dating his best friend and roommate. If things couldn’t worse for Nate, his Dad, played by Jonathan Silverman realizes he still loves his Mom and tries winning her back. He uses Nate as a crutch to get to Lydia (Krista). Nate has a hard time taking in the situation and it puts a damper on his own dating life.

  • In case you missed Krista Allen on Castle…

    You can watch Castle online for free at,p5,d0

    Screen Caps from Castle Episode Last Action Hero, Season 7 Episode 9.

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